5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System

5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System

Nothing is more detrimental to the health of your HVAC system than skipping annual maintenance services. If your heating and cooling system are operating well and providing you the desired comfort, it still needs maintenance to keep functioning that way. Otherwise, a neglected HVAC system is like a ticking time bomb, prone to premature breakdown and costly repairs.

It is also essential that you have these services performed by an HVAC contractor. Professional services ensure the best results, help maintain the warranty provisions, and offer a repair guarantee. If a service technician spots a problem during the maintenance process, they nip it in the bud.

Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain your Heating and Cooling Fort Worth system if help is not available. If that’s not the case, we suggest that you opt for professional services.

Air Filters

Clean air filters have two benefits. First, it ensures that the air entering your home is healthy. Secondly, it allows unrestricted flow of air, minimizing the pressure on your HVAC system.  So if your air filters are clogged, change them. Experts advise replacing the air filters at least once in three months. If you have pets at home, consider changing them once every month.

Condensing Unit

Clean outdoor units are integral for the effective functioning of your HVAC system.  The outdoor air conditioning unit help in dispersing heat in summer with the fan’s help due to dirt and grime.

These metal fins are very delicate and can bend if too much pressure is applied while cleaning. Spray the outdoor unit with a water hose to clean the fan. If left neglected, the dirty fan will be inefficient and lead to overheating of your HVAC unit. We also provide HVAC Installation Fort Worth.

Drain Pipe & Drain Pan

Dirty drain pipes and pans can lead to the growth of algae and mold. Therefore, it needs regular cleaning. If you are not aware of a drainpipe, consider taking help from a service technician because it is always better to be safe than sorry. They’ll use wet-dry vacuum suction to clear the clogged areas and use bleach to clean the drain.

Maintenance Services

We cannot stress enough the importance of HVAC maintenance services. Availing of these services is similar to fueling up your car for a long journey. You want it to function uninterruptedly without causing any efficiency issues in scorching summers or chilly winters.

If you are the one who procrastinates service calls, HVAC contractors offer lucrative maintenance service plans that save your time, money, and effort. The services take place twice every year – spring and fall. Check out our HVAC maintenance plans right now!

For best HVAC maintenance results, always rely on qualified contractors. NSG Heating and Air Specialists, LLC., one of the best HVAC companies Fort Worth, TX, offers qualitative and hassle-free services to customers.

Call (817) 993-4822 to request a service estimate. Our certified technicians will provide you with customized services for the best results. We are available on call and texts 24/7.

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