A Guide To Air Conditioning Cost Estimates Curated For You

A Guide To Air Conditioning Cost Estimates Curated For You

It is getting hotter by the day, but this perfect summer afternoon can turn into a horror movie if your air conditioner suddenly stops working. This could happen if you ignore the warning signs or if you put it off, wondering how much all the repairs would cost. 

5 AC Issues And Their Estimated Repair Costs

Your AC unit may encounter a lot of problems that require costly repairs. To give you an overview of the expenses involved, we have included the estimated cost of AC service Fort Worth as well. 

Poor Airflow

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is blowing warm air, it is time to pick up the phone and call professionals to take charge. Warm air gushing from the vents could be an indication of a problem with the compressor or duct tubes. Replacing your air compressor could cost you around 1300$-1800$.

Unpleasant/ Funky Odor

If your room starts smelling, it could also be a result of a bad wire, pest infiltration, or mold growing in the machine, mainly arising because of the unit not being able to get rid of the existing moisture. This could mean that there is a problem with your condensation pump. You might have to get it replaced or repaired, which would cost around 100$- 250$

Unusually High Electricity Bills

Soaring high electricity bills could be a result of your air conditioning unit lagging. When the efficiency of your AC starts dropping, it tends to need more energy to generate the same amount of cool air. This results in your utility costs rising inexplicably. It is best to get a system tune-up in such a situation. It usually costs around 80$-100$

Weird Sounds Coming From Your Unit

An air conditioning unit is designed to provide comfort, but bizarre noises coming from the unit can be bad for the unit. If you hear any weird noises, it is time to get your AC repaired. You can avoid this by getting an annual maintenance done for about 80$-100$. 

If the noises don’t stop even after getting an annual maintenance done by your service provider, you can call for troubleshooting service, which would cost about 75$- 200$

Water Leakage or Accumulation

Your air conditioner is meant to be dry from the inside. If there is any moisture buildup, it is time to get it checked. In such a situation, it is best to recharge the refrigerant, which would cost up to 150$-500$. Other refrigerant leak-related repairs would cost around 200$-1500$.

Here’s a list of a few other common AC problems and their estimated repair price in 2021:

  • Replacing a thermostat: 75$- 300$
  • Replacing fuses or circuit breakers: 75$-250$
  • Replacing capacitors or contactors: 100$- 400$
  • Replacing the circuit board: 100$-600$
  • Repair blower motor: 150$-450$
  • Replacing the evaporator coil: 600$- 1200$

Getting your AC repaired is important, but it is also important to what you’re signing up for. This guide can help you know the average cost for air conditioner repair Fort Worth Now you can get your AC repaired by NSG Heating and Air Specialists, LLC. without having to worry about anything. Contact us today for reliable and pocket-friendly services at (817) 993-4822.

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