Can I Leave My Heater On?

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Can I Leave My Heater On?

When you are away from home or planning to go on a vacation, you may wonder what to do about your heating system. Professional technicians for heating service Fort Worth recommend leaving the heater down while you are away. Now, you might wonder why? Below are a list of benefits for doing so:

  • Saves Money

Here’s the trick — for the eight hours, you sleep every night or go out on vacation, set your home’s temperature to at least seven degrees cooler.

An estimated 1% of your heating expense can be saved for every degree you lower the thermostat. Therefore, lowering your thermostat by eight degrees for eight hours daily can result in $180 of annual savings.

  • Better Heating

The furnace doesn’t need to run as frequently when the temperature is low. It is also important to control the loss of heat and lower your heating and cooling Fort Worth costs.

It is better to lower the temperature in your home to slow down the rate of heat loss. However, your heater must have an immediate shutoff option because space heaters can result in house fires when you are away on vacation.

  • Consumes Less Energy

Try to keep in mind that space heaters can consume a lot of electricity. So, keeping it at lower temperatures when you’re not using it is better to prevent your electricity costs from increasing. In addition to this, if your pets stay at home when you are away on vacation, set the thermostat only 4 degrees lower than the standard temperature.

If you usually keep the furnace temperature to 70 degrees in the winter, leave it at 66 degrees while you are away. It is sufficient to get some power savings without leaving your pets shuddering in the cold.

Seek Regular Professional Help for Better Heater Upkeep

If your heating appliance has been acting up recently, the last thing you want is for it to break down while you are on vacation. It may also cause issues with your home’s security. So to prevent all these problems, it is advisable to call experts as soon as possible for repair, maintenance, or heating replacement Fort Worth.


At NSG Heating and Air Specialists, we are a trustworthy heating and cooling company. We have been serving in Fort Worth and nearby areas for many years. Our professional experts and technicians have years of expertise in delivering the best heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance services at the most affordable price range.

Call us at (817) 993- 4822 or visit our official website; and we would love to help you with all your diverse HVAC installation Fort Worth requirements. Why wait? Reach out to our expert team now!

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