Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Winter is finally here. Before it hits in full force, prepare your furnace for the heating season. There are several benefits of caring for your furnace in winter. A well-maintained furnace works efficiently, is less prone to breakdowns, and does not need frequent repairs.

Proper maintenance is necessary to keep furnace parts in working condition. Inadequate or lack of care can lead to dangerous situations, health problems, and system breakdown.

Here are some ways to maintain your furnace in winter:

Maintain Your Thermostat

If you are still using a manual thermostat, switch to a programmable model. Well-equipped with features, a programmable thermostat can save you a ton of money and take some pressure off of your furnace.

Like every other household appliance, thermostats need regular maintenance. Clean your Heating and Cooling Fort Worth system regularly and get it inspected for frayed wires. Make sure the wires are tight and properly fitted. Check batteries regularly. To get the most out of your thermostat, set it 5-10 degrees lower when you are not at home.

Clean the Flame Sensor

Your gas furnace’s flame sensor permits the flow of current when it senses the presence of a flame. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on a sensor, preventing it from working correctly.

Clean your flame sensor at least once a year. To clean your flame sensor, unscrew it from the furnace. Holding the sensor at the bottom, clean its body gently with an emery cloth. Once you have removed loose debris and dirt, remount the sensor on the burner assembly.

Replace Furnace Filters Regularly

Over time, furnace filters get clogged with contaminants such as dander, dust, dirt, and pollen in the air that passes through them. A clogged filter can restrict airflow, putting additional strain on the fan motor, causing your system to overheat and ultimately break down.

Clogged filters can negatively impact your indoor air quality. They will make your furnace work harder, draw more electricity, and can break down anytime.

By replacing a clogged filter, you can lower your electricity bill by 10-15 percent. Replace filters every three months. If you or someone in your family has a seasonal allergy or is an elderly parent at home, change filters more frequently.

Clean Your Furnace Regularly

To prevent dirt and dust from settling on different parts of your furnace, clean the inner components. First, use a soft-tipped paintbrush to loosen dirt and debris. Once you have successfully dislodged dirt particles, vacuum the internal components.

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