How Your Furnace Works

How Your Furnace Works

Though the presence of a furnace is familiar, homeowners lack basic knowledge about a furnace. Moreover, this lack of knowledge about our system puts us in a helpless situation when facing an issue with our furnace. 

A furnace repair Fort Worth can help you fix your furnace, but it cannot help you with the minimal maintenance that every homeowner has to cater to individuals. So before understanding how a furnace works, let us understand what precisely a furnace is. 

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is one of the most prominent components of an HVAC unit, responsible for generating heat or hot air using either gas, oil, or electricity. It is activated when the thermostat is set at a specific temperature. The furnace produces heat and supplies it to your entire space with the aid of blower fans, ducts, and air registers. 

Being mechanical devices with an intricate working system, every part of a furnace is capable of experiencing wear and tear after some time. Therefore, acquiring regular tune-ups from HVAC companies Fort Worth is essential to maintain the efficiency of your furnace. 

How Does a Furnace Work?

The working process of a furnace is not as complicated as it seems. However, our furnace takes a few basic steps to produce heat and keep us warm in winters. Here’s how the procedure takes place:

The process begins when you set the thermostat at your desired temperature. The thermostat prompts the control board to initiate the heat cycle. 

Next, either natural gas or propane, the fuel source is ignited in the burner using the ignition switch. This combustion process takes place in a combustion chamber and occurs in a gas furnace. 

After igniting the gas, flames start to emerge that are responsible for heating the metal heat exchanger. The exhaust from the heat exchanger is sent out of the flue.

The produced heat is transferred to the cold air entering the furnace, creating hot air as an end product.

Then, the hot air is blown towards the ducts using furnace blowers. The ductwork helps in spreading the heated air throughout your space.

Finally, the heated air warms up your house, and the cold air is drawn into the furnace through the return ducts. When your house reaches the temperature you set in your thermostat, the thermostat will automatically shut off the gas valve, ceasing the supply of heated air. 

Once you understand the working of a furnace, you can keep your furnace well-maintained with the aid of HVAC companies in Fort WorthAs long as the furnace is serviced twice a year, you do not have to worry about its functioning. So enjoy some freshly brewed coffee and ditch the stress while our technicians work their magic on your system.

NSG is an HVAC company in Fort Worth, offering 24*7 HVAC and furnace services. We can guide you about the working and maintenance of your furnace. To book an HVAC installation Fort Worth contact us on (817) 993-4822 or drop us a mail at today!

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